Last year’s iPhone X did well in just about everything, from camera comparisons and reviews to market reception and sales. But if there’s one thing it lacked, it was a wide selection of colors.

The next generation of iPhone X models (yes, there’ll be more than one this time) may be changing that if a report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is to be believed.

His prediction is that the larger 6.5-inch OLED variant will come in black, white, and a fresh gold color (there wasn’t one last year for the iPhone X), while the 6.1-inch model, which will be cheaper because of its use of LCD as its panel, will be offered in blue, red, orange, gray, and white.

The last iPhone to have this many options was 2013’s iPhone 5c, which never saw a colorful successor. Previously, you’d have to wait for a special red edition in order to escape the usual choices of black, silver, and gray.

We wouldn’t hold our breaths, however. If history repeats itself, Apple might scrap these new colors altogether.

As it stands, there’ll be a total of three iPhones launching later this year centered around the design of last year’s notch-pioneering iPhone X. On top of the aforementioned 6.5- and 6.1-inch models, we’re likely to see a refresh of the original 5.8-inch iPhone X.


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