Modern programming languages and the evolution of technology science for future

programming languages

Strategy programming languages are the process by which the programmer writes a code, which is a set of instructions, which is executed on computers. Programming Language is a special language used by programmers to write software, scripts, or another set of instructions to be applied to a computer.

Types of programming languages according to level The programming languages can be divided into two types according to their level of machine language, the language that the computer understands directly. The first type of programming language is low-level languages, which are the closest programming language to the machine language, with the machine language being the lowest and below the assembly language. ), As these languages are characterized by the fact that they contain only the instructions understood by the computer, and thus are the most remote from the language understood by the human, but at the same time allows the programmer full control of his program

The other type of programming languages at the level are high-level languages

which are the farthest from machine language and are closest to human comprehension, but they also do not provide the same size of control as the low-level languages of the programmer, Computer memory, and data. An important feature of high-level programming languages is to enable the programmer to use Variables, Objects, Routines, and Loops, Level Sometimes, apply a great amount of instruction by typing one line to another. Examples of such programming languages are Python and Ruby,

Depending on the method of application, the programming languages can be divided into two types: the first is the Compiled Language, and the other is the Interpreting Language. Translated programming languages The compiler program is used to be converted into a machine language for the operating system in which the translation process was performed, and in the form of an executable program by calling its name. If the process were performed in the Linux operating system, For example, the user will not be able to apply the same program to the Windows operating system, and in the process of change, the program will be analyzed and any software errors – not logical – detected. Examples of this type of programming language are C language (C)

In the interpreted programming languages, the Interpreter program is used to implement the program directly without the need to translate it. The articles (or so-called script) are applied by the interpreter itself, so the interpreter program must be installed on any device that is intended to run the written program It makes this type of program executable on any system running as long as the interpreter program is installed on it. One of the features of the programming languages is the ability of the programmer to update the program directly without having to re-translate it (as in the localized programming languages), but the interpreter process that the interpreter always performs during the operation of the program will make the implementation process slow to match with the converted programs. Examples of such programming languages are Python

Depending on the usage

the programming languages can be classified into several forms according to their intended use. Programming languages are available to improve and create websites. Examples include JavaScript, PHP, Python, Other languages can be used to update mobile applications such as Android and iOS. Examples include Java, Swift,

programming languages

Some of the programming languages are also used to update desktop software, and the programming languages used in this are Java and C #, and there are also programming languages that can be used to program and modify video games. In addition, other languages such as Haxe and others. Programming languages can also be assigned to a particular type of task. The R language in English is a specialized language for trading with information, such as prospecting, calculations, analysis, Python for the same purpose

It is one of the programming languages that can not be enumerated or enumerated

Each of these languages has its own features and uses. Some common programming languages include: C: a high-level programming language of general use, created in the 1970s In Bell Labs by Dennis Richie, an ideal language for firmware and mobile writing. [Python]: A language Object Oriented programming

Rhythm Entertainment: It is widespread that you have played or are addicted to playing this moment on a game that only works on a special graphics card for the beauty of its graphics, those games in which a great amount of programming.

Computer games are not the only ones in the field of entertainment. Great amusement parks, games, tourism programs, air ticket production and other topics that are heavily influenced by programming.

Programming the medicine: What is the most accurate diagnosis and you see the doctor asks you to produce a suitable image for you to go – God bless you from all evil – to the radiologist to play the buttons that are managed through the program to get you rays.

Medicine, in particular, reached a higher degree that medicine has a specialty called medical data systems!

Policy Programming: One of the rare times when you see politics in a science blog, but it is also strongly influenced by programming. Managing voting systems, e-governments, and applications that facilitate human life are more important than governments can do to those who govern them.

Space science programming: It makes me wonder how much precision is available in programs that run Makoka space, that part of the second is meant human life and hardships years number! HAL / S, for example, plays a delicate role in NASA.

But even know the influence of programming on space science, do you remember the images that accompany the take-off or fall of a rocket? Always find a number of engineers sitting in front of a lot of screens and jump in joy to win the process.

Programming houses

This is not a joke, no matter how small the programs there are programs,

the machine has a temporary, and the TV program to receive the channels and the washing machine operated electronically without human intervention to contain different programs.

What you need to know completely is that programming this moment is affecting every aspect of our lives without exception, so the field of programming is still evolving and the market is still lacking many specialized programmers.


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